Korean Institute of Surface Engineering

pISSN : 1225-8024 | eISSN : 3399-8403


한국표면공학회지 (35권6호 408-414)

Comparative study on impact behavior of TiN and TiAlN coating layer on WC-Co substrate using Arc ion Plating Technique

아크이온 플레이팅법으로 WC-Co에 증착된 TiN 및 TiAlN박막의 충격특성 비교


부산대학교 공과대학 재료공학부;
부산대학교 공과대학 재료공학부;


TiN and TiAlN coating layer were deposited on WC-Co steel substrates by an arc ion plating(AIP) technique. The crystallinity and morphology for the deposited coating layers were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The impact behaviors of the deposited TiN and TiAlN coating layer were investigated with a ball-on-plate impact tester. Beyond $10^2$ impact cycle, TiAlN coating layer showed superior impact wear resistance compared to TiN coating layer. On the other hand, both TiN and TiAlN coating layers started to be partially failed between $10^2$ and $10^3$ impact cycle. Above $10^3$ impact cycle, TiN and TiAlN coating layers showed similar impact behavior because of the substrate effect.


TiN;TiAlN;Impact test;AIP;