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한국표면공학회지 (35권6호 391-400)

Corrosion Characteristics of Ti, Ti/Cr Coated and Plasma-Nitrided Surface for Stainless Steel Containing Ti

Ti가 함유된 스테인리스강에서 Ti, Ti/cr코팅표면과 플라즈마질화표면의 부식특성


광양보건대학 치기공과;전남대학교 금속공학과;
광양보건대학 치기공과;전남대학교 금속공학과;


Corrosion characteristics of Ti, Ti/Cr coated and plasma-nitrided surface for stainless steel containing Ti have been studied. Stainless steels containing 0.09-0.92wt% Ti were fabricated by using vacuum furnace and solutionized for 1hr at 105$0^{circ}C$. Ti and Cr coatings were done on solutionized stainless steel surface by EB-PVD. The Ti coated specimen were coated by Cr and were nitrided by plasma at $450^{circ}C$ for 5hr. Microstructure and phase analysis were performed using SEM, OM and EDX. Corrosion behavior of the coated specimen was investigated by electrochemical test. The coated surface was of fine columnar structure. The Ti/Cr coated surface was denser than the Ti coated and the Ti coated-nitrided surfaces. The corrosion and pitting potential increased in proportion to the Ti content, coating temperature, coating thickness and formation of stable oxide film. The current density in active and passive region decreased in the case of Ti/Cr coated sample and Ti coated-nitrided samples. Especially the plasma nitrided specimen after Ti coating have a good corrosion resistance compared with the Ti coated specimen. The number and size of pits decreased as Ti content of matrix increased.


Oxidation;lolor-titanium products;anodizing oxidation process;