Korean Institute of Surface Engineering

pISSN : 1225-8024 | eISSN : 3399-8403


한국표면공학회지 (35권6호 363-370)

Zricaloy-4 Oxidation Kinetics in High-Pressure High-Temperature Steam and Application to Accident Analysis

고압 고온 수증기에서 지르칼로이-4 산화반응 정량화 및 사고해석에의 응용




Empirical equations for the oxide thickness and the weight gain of Zircaloy-4 cladding during the oxidation in high temperature, high pressure steam have been developed. Firstly, the empirical equations for oxide thickness in 1 atm steam in 700~100$0^{circ}C$ were made, then, the enhancement factor for the steam pressure effects on Zircaloy-4 cladding oxidation in high temperature steam was added. Based on the analysis of the weight fraction of dissolved oxygen in metal layer, empirical equations for the weight gain of Zircaloy-4 in high pressure, high temperature steam were developed. We compare the developed empirical equations with the Baker-Just correlation. The Baker-Just correlation can give a non-conservative estimation of oxidation of Zircaloy-4, depending on the steam pressure. These developed empirical equations can be used for the correct estimation of oxidation of Zircaloy-4 during accident analysis.