Korean Institute of Surface Engineering

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한국표면공학회지 (35권6호 357-362)

The Shape Design of Shot Ball to Improve the Reliability of Surface Treatment

표면가공의 신뢰성향상을 위한 쇼트볼의 형상설계


경기공업대학 정밀계측과;
경기공업대학 정밀계측과;


In this study, to improve the effect of the surface treatment, the shape design of shot ball is proposed. The fatigue effects of shot peening by the cut wire shot ball and the rounded cut wire shot ball are compared. The rotary bending and tensile fatigue tests are conducted on a spring steel to evaluate fatigue lives. The residual compressive stresses by the rounded cut wire shot ball is higher than by the rounded cut wire shot ball. This consequently increase the fatigue life and the reliability of surface treatment. Thus, to obtain optimum, repeatable and reliable shot peening effect the shape of the shot ball must be round.