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한국표면공학회지 (35권5호 319-324)

A Study on the Surface Treatment of Spectra Fibers Using an ion Assisted Reaction Method

이온도움 반응법을 이용한 스펙트라 섬유의 표면처리에 대한 연구


경희대학교 기계ㆍ산업시스템공학부;강남정공 기술연구소;원광대학교 기계시스템디자인공학부;
경희대학교 기계ㆍ산업시스템공학부;강남정공 기술연구소;원광대학교 기계시스템디자인공학부;


It is known that ion-assisted reaction method is effective for the surface modification of polymers. The surface treatment of Spectra fibers using the ion-assisted reaction method was investigated in the present study The Spectra fibers were treated by $Ar^{+}$ / ion irradiation under oxygen environment. The treatment was carried out at different $Ar^{+}$ ion doses. The$ Ar^{+ }$ /ion doses used were $6$ imes$10^{15}$ , $1$ imes$10^{16}$ , $5$ imes$10^{16}$ , $1$ imes$10^{17}$ / ions/$m^2$. Optimal $Ar^{+}$ ion dose in the treatment of Spectra fibers was determined by measuring the tensile strength and modulus of Spectra/vinylester composites as a function of ion dose. It was found that the optimal ion dose was $1$ imes$10^{16}$ions/$m^2$. It was also found from the scanning electron microscope examination that the surface-treatment improved adhesion between fibers and vinylester resin.


Spectra fibers;Spectra/vinylester composites;ion-assisted reaction method;