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Color Evolution in Anodized Titanium

양극산화로 제작된 티타늄의 발색효과 연구


서울시립대학교 신소재공학과;국민대학교 테크노디자인전문대학원 금속주얼리;
서울시립대학교 신소재공학과;국민대학교 테크노디자인전문대학원 금속주얼리;


We oxidized pure titanium by anodizing oxidation process in the range of 590V, within 1.5A, 30seconds. we investigated color evolution with a spectrophotometer. Surface images and surface roughness were characterized by an optical microscope and an atomic force microscope, respectively. Below the thickness of 40 $mu extrm{m}$, metallic yellow, blue, and pink colorsn were obtained. Lightness decreased, increased, and decreased again as titanium oxide thickness increased. Blue color at the applied voltage of 30V showed the best lightness and reproducibility with surface roughness below l$mu extrm{m}$. Bare titanium and titanium oxide films had micro pits more than 10ea/$mu extrm{m}^2$. We report that we successfully made colors by varing thickness below 40$mu extrm{m}$ with anodizing oxidation of method.


Titanium;Titanium oxide;Anodized oxidation;Lightness;