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한국표면공학회지 (35권4호 232-240)

Composition and Microstructure of Electroplated Zinc-Chromium Alloy according to Electrolysis Conditions

전해조건에 따른 아연-크롬합금 도금층의 조성 및 조직특성


포항종합제철 기술연구소;영남대학교 재료금속공학부;
포항종합제철 기술연구소;영남대학교 재료금속공학부;


The composition and the microstructure of the Zn-Cr alloys electroplated in chloride bath with EDTA were studied according to electrolysis conditions. The cathode current efficiency decreased with increasing both Cr/(Cr+Zn) ratio and current density. The Cr content of the alloy deposits increased with Cr/(Cr+Zn) ratio and current density The phase structure of Zn-Cr alloy deposits changed from η-Zn through η-Zn+${gamma}$`-ZnCr to ${gamma}$`-ZnCr with increasing Cr content of alloys. The surface morphology of Zn-Cr alloy deposits changed from fine needle shaped crystallites through the mixed structure of needle-shaped and granular one to the colony structure with fine granular crystallites according to the change of phase structure


Zr-Cr alloy;electroplating;