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한국표면공학회지 (35권1호 53-63)

Study of Ni-coating on 316L Stainless Steel by Pulse Electroplating in Various Bath Conditions at Room Temperature

실온 펄스도금법을 이용한 STS 316L 표면의 Ni 도금 저가형욕 연구


영남대학교 재료금속공학부;
영남대학교 재료금속공학부;


Ni coating was carried out by pulse plating at room temperature. So, experimental conditions for Ni-coating were based on Watt`s bath, and new additives(propionic acid) were introduced in the Watt`s bath electrolyte as $H_3$$BO_3$ alternatives. By adding propionic acid, coating layer demonstrated a good adhesion and uniformity without special pre-treatment of the 316L stainless steel at room temperature. With a decrease of amount of propionic acid and applied average current density, cathode current efficiency increased. Also, edge effect was decreased with decreasing a peak current and increasing a pulse frequency in the same bath condition. It was found that the optimum condition for Ni coating was a current density of 10~20mA/$ extrm{cm}^2$ at below 500 mA peak current in the $5mell/ell$ propionic acid solution.