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한국표면공학회지 (32권6호 671-676)

Control of ITO/PET Thin Films Depending on the Ratio of Oxygen Partial Pressure in Sputter

스퍼터의 산소분압비율에 의존한 ITO/PET박막의 조절


두원공대 전자과;기술표준원 무기화학과;
두원공대 전자과;기술표준원 무기화학과;


ITO (indium tin oxide) thin films on PET (polyethylene terephthalate) substrate have been deposited by a dc reactive magnetron sputtering without heat treatments such as substrate heater and post heat treatment. Each sputtering parameter during the sputtering deposition is an important factor for the high quality of ITO thin films deposited on polymeric substrate. Particularly, the material, electrical and optical properties of as-deposited ITO oxide films are dominated by the ratio of oxygen partial pressure. As the experimental results, the excellent ITO films are prepared on PET substrate at the operating conditions as follows : operating pressure of 5 mTorr, target-substrate distance of 45mm, do power of 20~30W, and oxygen gas ratio of 10%. The optical transmittance is above 80% at 550 nm, and the sheet resistance and resistivity of films are 24 Ω/square and $1.5 imes$10$^{-3}$ Ωcm, respectively.