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한국표면공학회지 (28권2호 77-82)

Parameters Affecting the TiN Coated Machining Tool`s Life

질화 티타늄이 코팅된 절삭공구의 수명에 영향을 미치는 인자


산업과학기술연구소 표면처리팀;이화여자대학교 환경공학과;
산업과학기술연구소 표면처리팀;이화여자대학교 환경공학과;


In this study, we examined the relationships between the coating film`s properties, such as microhardness, adhesion of coating fil $m_strate, and machining tool`s life time. Samples were prepared by coating TiN on the 5.5 diameter twist drills using reactive ion plating technology, For measuring microhardness and adhesion of fil $m_strate, HSS plate was used for substrate. TiN coated drill`s life time was dependent on the adhesion of fil $m_strate and averagely increased by several ten times more than uncoated drill`s. The major parameter affecting TiN coated drill`s life time was the strong adhesion between coating film and substrate.ate.