Korean Institute of Surface Engineering

pISSN : 1225-8024 | eISSN : 3399-8403


한국표면공학회지 (22권3호 135-144)

The Study of Structre-Peoperty-Process in Alumina Coating of Steel by Chemical Vapour Deposition Process

화학증착법에 의한 강에의 알루미나 피복에서 구조-성질-과정에 관한 연구


단국대학교 재료공학과;
단국대학교 재료공학과;


Aluminium Oxide was deposited with a C.V.D.-technique on various substrates. The effects of various treating condition such as temperature, time, heat resistance and composition of substrates were investigated in order to understand the relationship of structure, property and process. Grain size depends upon the activity of adsorption siite and coarsened with increasing temperature and time. Deposition rate decreases in order of electrolytic iron, carbon steel STS430 and STS304, since the active site for adsorption of reactant was more decreased for Cr and Ni than Fe. Oxidation resistance of alumina coated specimens improved markedely and that of stainless steel was prominent.