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한국표면공학회지 (22권3호 118-127)

A Kinetic Study on the Zinc-Nickel Plating on an Elstrolytic Sulface Bathe

황산용액 중에서 전해철표면상에 안연-니켈 합금도금에 관한 속도론적 연구


고려대학교 금속공학과;
고려대학교 금속공학과;


The rate of electrodeposition Zinc-nickel alloy on to electrolytic ione in sulface solution both under an inter and air atmospherss has studied by use of a rotating disc geometry. The kinetics shows 1st order reaction, and the rate constants are proportional to the square root of rpm, however, they are less than the valuse suggested by Levich. The rate constants of zinc deposition approach the total mass transfer rate constants with increasing potential and deviate with increasing rotaing speed, but those of nickel deposition are constant. Below $40^{circ}C$ the activation engrgies of zinc deposition and nikel deposition were 4.4Kcal/mol and 6.3Kcal/mol respectively. There results show that overall reaction rate of zinc-nickel plaeting is controlled by mixed reaction and zinc deposotion is more affected by mass transfer reaction than nickel. The current density for the zinc-nickel plating was less in an air atmosphere than in a nitrogen atmosphere. The cathode efficiency increased with decreasing cathode rotating speeds, potentials, and increasing temperatures. Zzinc-nickel platings are more improved in microhardnss than zinc platings.