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Effect of Spraying Conditions in Flame Spraying of Ni-Cr Base Self Fluxing Alloy on Mild Steel

가스용사에 의한 Ni-Cr 기 자용성합금 용사 의 특성에 미치는 용사조건의 영향


경북대학교 공학대학 금속공학과;
경북대학교 공학대학 금속공학과;


It has between investigated that the optimum spaying conditions, such as, spraying distance, fusing temperature and fusing time, ect, in a Ni-cr base self fluxing alloy sprayed on the mild steel substrate by oxygen-acetylenc flame spraying. Sprayed specimens on various conditions were fuused in a vacuum furnace and the results were as follows. The optimum spraying condition for excellent coating layer are obtained under spraying distances, fusing temperature and fusing and time ; 180~240mm,1050~110$0^{circ}C$and 15~30min, respectively. The adhesive strength and surface hurface hardness of the as sprayed specimens were very low by mechanical bonding becaus of the diffusion layer during process. The carbides and borides and formed in the sprayed coating layer and densification of the layer was resulted from the elimination of pores and oxides. The hardness of sprayed coating layer, particularly in the high temperature, was superior to ordinary tool steels.