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A Study of Intermetetallic Compound Growth in the Sn/Ni Couples(I) : Intermetallic Compound Formation and Growth Kineties

Sn/Cu 및 Sn/Ni 계면에서 금속간화합물의 형성 및 성장에 관한 연구(I) : 금속간화합물의 생성, 성장반응 및 속도론


고려대학교 금속공학과;
고려대학교 금속공학과;


The intermetallic compount formation, growth rections, and growth kinetices as functions of the aging temperaturess, time, and the condition of substarte have invedtigted in the Sn/Cu and Sn/Ni bimetal couples. The η`-phase (Cu6Sn5) and $delta$-phase (Ni3Sn4) were only found to grow at 20 and $70^{circ}C$in the Sn/Cu and Sn/Ni bimetallic coples repectively. Above that temperatures, all other compounds were formed in sequence of high Sn content plase and the metastable Cu41Sn11 was formed at agend $200^{circ}C$. The ectivation energy for the growth of intermetallic compounds was 14.7Kxal/mole in the Sn/Cu interface and 26.7Kcal/mole in the Sn/Ni interface.