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Study on the Tic Coating of Steel by C.V.D. Process

CVD법에 의한 강의 TiC 피복에 관하여


연세대학교 공대 금속공학과 대학원생;연세대학교 공대 금속공학과;
연세대학교 공대 금속공학과 대학원생;연세대학교 공대 금속공학과;


To study the effect of TiC coating on weight change, microhardness, wear and heat - resistance of TiC layer, chemical vapour deposition on the various substrates has been carried out with the gaseous mixture of TiCl4, toluene, and H2 in the temperature range of 900 - 1000$^{circ}C$. The results obtained are as follows ; (1) There is a limited value of carrier and reductant H2 gas flow rate, above which deteriorate effect on the TiC depoition arises (2) Increased thickness of TiC layer was resulted with increasing temperature and time. Better deposition was obtained with stainless steels and the best results were introduced by cobalt coating of substrates. (3) Wear resistance of the TiC coated specimen improved markedly. Heat resistivity of the coated steel showed excellent result, whereas the coated stainless Steels were infer-ior to the substrate.