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Thermodynamic interaction parameter between Zn and Cu, Ag, In, Bi, Pb, Sn in Dilute cadmium alloy by Touch Instant electro-motive force method

순간접전기전력법에 의한 용융 Cd중의 Zn과 Cu, Ag, In, Bi, Pb 및 Sn와의 상위작용 파라미터


경북대학교 공대 금속공학과;
경북대학교 공대 금속공학과;


A study has been made of the interaction parameters of Zn other elements in dilute solutesd solution of molten cadmium alloys over the temperature range of 450 to 570$^{circ}C$. The experi-mental measurementss were made in a touch instant cell using a fusedd Licl-KCl electrolyte. The activity of zinc in binary and ternary solutions sexhibiteds a strong positive deviation from Raoult`s law. The addition of silver, indium or lead increased the activity of zinc whereas addition of copper, bismuth or tin decreased the zinc activity slightly. The results for all the metallic solutions showed a linear dependence of reciprocal of ab-solute temperature over the experimental range. The interaction parameters obtained are as follows.