Korean Institute of Surface Engineering

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한국표면공학회지 (15권2호 77-81)

A Study on the Wear resistance improvement of Machine parts by Low temperature Sulfurizing

기계부품의 저온침화처리에 의한 내마멸성 동상에 관한 연구


홍익공업전문대학 금속과;
홍익공업전문대학 금속과;


The conditions for the formation of low temperature sulfurized layer and wear characteristics are as follows ; 1. Salt bath KSCN 98%∼K2S 2% showed porous sulfurized layer. 2. Sulfurized layer thickness at 200$^{circ}C$ and 30minutes time was about 10$mu extrm{m}$. 3. Sulfurized layer thickness increased with time.