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pISSN : 1225-8024 | eISSN : 3399-8403


한국표면공학회지 (52권2호 90-95)

Optical Properties of Sn-doped CH3NH3PbBr3 Perovskite Nanoparticles

Sn 첨가에 따른 CH3NH3PbBr3 페로브스카이트 나노입자의 광학적 특성

Sihn, Moon Ryul;Jeon, Mingi;Park, Hyerin;Choi, Jihoon;

충남대학교 신소재공학과;
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Chungnam National University;

DOI : 10.5695/JKISE.2019.52.2.90


Methylammonium lead bromide ($MAPbBr_3$) has attracted a lot of attention due to their excellent optoelectronic properties such as the compositional flexibility relevant to photoluminescence (PL) and UV-Vis absorbance spectrum, high diffusion length, and photoluminescence quantum yield (PLQY). Despite such advantages of organic-inorganic perovskite materials, more systematic study on manipulation of their optoelectronic properties in homo- or heterovalent metal ions doped halide perovskite nanocrystals is lacking. In this study, we systematically investigated the optical properties of colloidal $CH_3NH_3Pb_{1-x}Sn_xCl_{2x}Br_{3-2x}$ particles by addition of $SnCl_2$ into the typical methylammonium lead tribromide ($CH_3NH_3PbBr_3$) precursor solution. We found that only 1% addition of $SnCl_2$ shows a significant blue-shift from 540 nm to 420 nm in UV-Vis absorbance spectrum due to the strong quantum confinement effect. Furthermore, continuous blue-shift in photoluminescence spectra was observed as the amount of Cl increases. These experimental results provide new insights into the replacement of Pb within $MAPbBr_3$, required for the broadening of their application.