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한국표면공학회지 (11권1호 5-13)

A Study of Zn-coating Weight in Hotdip Galvanizing Process

응용아연(응용亞鉛) 도금공정(鍍金工程)에서 아연부착량(亞鉛附着量)에 관한 연구

Kim, Wan-Chul;Kang, Sung-Kun;Nam, Seung-Eui;

홍익공업전문학과 금속과;
홍익공업전문학과 금속과;


This experiment intends to study Zn-coating weight through galvanixing process. A through examination has been carried out on the change of steel-composition, galvanizing-temperature, dipping-rime, Fe-loss when other factors were regular. Activation energy needed for Fe-loss was obtained and within this sample, the best condition which has influence on coating weight was found so as to reduce Fe-loss. As Fe-loss was diminidhed, the amount of product of Dross and Zn-using amount per total products could be reduced. The results of experiments are as follow. 1. Zn-coating thickness was increased by the rising Zn-bathtemperature and was the maximum at 8-minutes dipping time. 2. The coating weight was greatly influency by Si. As in other samples, the proportion of increasing was very rate after 20minutes. If the dipping time prolonged, the increasing amounts of Fe-loss are more greatly. 3. Activation Energy needed for Fe-loss was as follows Such numerical values were most equal to those of the activation energy which had influences on the growth of ${gamma}$-phase. Sample - I = 18,500 Cal/mole Sample - III = 22,000 Cal/mole Sample - V = 42,300 Cal/mole