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한국표면공학회지 (35권5호 295-304)

Influence of Process Variables on Barrel Electroplating

바렐도금에 미치는 공정변수의 영향


재능대학 표면처리과;인하대학교 재료공학부;
재능대학 표면처리과;인하대학교 재료공학부;


In this study, the effect of the diameter and the number of barrel hole on the total area of barrel hole were calculated and analyzed. And the effects of applied current density, rotational speed of the barrel, size and number of barrel hole, and the volume of plating materials on the distribution of plating thickness were experimented and discussed by the barrel electroplating of the tube type brass specimens in a sulfamate nickel barrel solution. The effect of barrel hole size and barrel hole area on the throwing power was also discussed.


barrel;electroplating;throwing power;