Korean Institute of Surface Engineering

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한국표면공학회지 (35권4호 193-198)

High Temperature Oxidation of TiAl-based XD 45 and XD47 Intermetallics

TiAl계 XD45, XD47 금속간 화합물의 고온산화거동


성균관대학교 플라즈마 응용 표면기술 연구센터;
성균관대학교 플라즈마 응용 표면기술 연구센터;


Alloys of XD45 (Ti45A12Nb2Mn-0.8vol%TiB$_2$) and XD47 (Ti47A12Nb2Mn-0.8vol%TiB$_2$) were oxidized between 800 and $1000^{circ}C$ in air, and their oxidation characteristics were studied. The oxide scales consisted primarily of an outer $TiO_2$ layer, an intermediate $Al_2$$O_3$-rich layer, and an inner mixed layer of ($TiO_2$+$Al_2$$O_3$). Nb tended to present at the lower part of the oxide scale, whereas Mn at the upper part of the oxide scale. The Pt marker tests indicated that the outer oxide layer grew primarily by the outward diffusion of Ti and Mn, and the inner mixed layer by the inward transport of oxygen.


high temperature oxidation;Intermetallic compound;