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한국표면공학회지 (35권1호 11-16)

A Study on the Characteristics of Sn-Ag-X Solder Joint -The Wettability of Sn-Ag-Bi-In Solder to Plated Substrates-

Sn-Ag-X계 무연솔더부의 특성 연구 -기판 도금층에 따른 Sn-Ag-Bi-In 솔더의 젖음특성-


서울시립대학교 공과대학 재료공학과;
서울시립대학교 공과대학 재료공학과;


As environmental concerns increasing, the electronics industry is focusing more attention on lead free solder alternatives. In this research, we have researched wettability of intermediate solder of Sn3Ag9Bi5In, which include In and Bi and has similar melting temperature to Sn37Pb eutectic solder. We investigated the wetting property of Sn3Ag9Bi5In. To estimate wettability of Sn3Ag9Bi5In solder on various substrates, the wettability of Sn3Ag9Bi5In solder on high-pure Cu-coupon was measured. Cu-coupon that plated Sn, Ni and Au/Ni and Si-wafer adsorbed Ni/Cu under bump metallurgy on one side. As a result, the wetting property of Sn3Ag9Bi5In solder is a little better than that of Sn37Pb and Sn3.5Ag.