Korean Institute of Surface Engineering

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한국표면공학회지 (33권4호 261-265)

Platinum Model Catalysts Dispersed on Alumina with Regular Pores

규칙적 세공을 가진 알루미나에 분산된 백금 모형촉매


명지대학교 화학과;한국화학연구소;
명지대학교 화학과;한국화학연구소;


Geometrically and chemically well defined Pt/alumina model catalysts have been prepared. To this end, we fabricated electrochemically alumina supports in which pores of constant size, length and shape were regularly distributed over a wide area of the surface. Platinum particles were dispersed on the pore surfaces via organometallic chemical vapor deposition technique using (trimethyl) methylcyclopentadienylplatinum (IV) as a precursor. The chemical composition of the alumina plane surfaces was examined by Auger electron spectroscopy and the adsorption characteristics of the platinum particles were studied by thermal desorption spectroscopy. A variety of industrial catalytic problems are now open for further investigation utilizing the Pt/alumina model catalysts.