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The Tin coating for life-eztension on the cutting bites.

절삭가공용 바이트 수명연장을 위한 TiN 코팅에 관한 연구


경희대학교 기계공학과,재료과학기술연구소;신도리코(주);
경희대학교 기계공학과,재료과학기술연구소;신도리코(주);


Tool life characteristics were investigated for the TiN coated (PVD) tungsten carbide cutting tools to improve the tool life Experimental variables for Tin coating were coating time and cathode bias voltage and cuting variables were cutting speed and feel rate. As a experiment result, TiN coated tool was extended about from 2.14 to 2.7 times than that of not coated tungsten carbide tools. Also, coating thinkness is much affected to tool life.