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The corrosion-resistant of Al-coated xstainless in molten carbonate

알루미늄 코팅처리 스테인레스강의 융탄산염 내부식성




Molten Carbonate Fuel cell is a promising new type electric power generation system which can achieve high efficiency, lower matrrial cost and high operating temperature Making internal reforming possible. Although the development of the MCEC is progressing rapidly toward commercialization, two important tchological problems such as dissolution of NiO cathode and not corrosion of metallic separator plate must be resolved. Because MCFC is operated at $650^{circ}C$ and the electrolyte is very corrosive, corrosion-resistance of separator plated against oxidation abd molten carbonate is required. Al-coating on separator material for corrosion-resistance was carried out by painting, thermal spraying. hot dipping and vacuum vapour deposition. The corrosion of Al-coated STS 316S and 316L in molten carbonate at $700^{circ}C$was studied. Vacuum vapour deposition and thermal spraing for Al-coating on STS 310S and 316L were the most effective methods for protecting thestainless steel corrosion in molten carbonate.