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한국표면공학회지 (28권6호 352-360)

Composition, preferred orientation and magnetic properties of Ni-Fe-Co alloy electrodeposits

Ni-Fe-Co 박막도금층의 조성, 우선배향 및 자기적 성질


영남대학교 금속공학과;
영남대학교 금속공학과;


The effect of electrolysis conditions on the composition, the magnetic properties and the preferred orientation of Ni-Fe-Co alloy deposits was investigated using the sulfate-chloride bath paddle agitated. Cathode current efficiency increases with the current density, showing the different tendency of the variation from that of the Ni-Fe electrodeposits. The Co content of the deposits decreases with increasing current density, while the content of Ni and Fe is shown to be minimum or maximum at 3A/$dm^2$ respectively. The Ni/Fe ratio of the alloy deposits is lower than that of Ni-Fe deposits. The coercive force($H_c$) of the deposits increases with the Co content in deposit, showing the relatively low value in the range of 1.8~5.0Wt.% Co. The anisotropy field ($H_k$) of the deposits is higher than that of Ni-Fe alloy deposits, The preferred orientation of the deposits is generally (200), but the orientation factor(R) changes with both the increase of current density and the magnetic field applied during deposition.