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한국표면공학회지 (28권2호 110-118)

The effect of Reductants on the electro-boronizing

전해침붕처리에서 환원제 첨가의 영향


단국대학교 공학대학 재료공학과;
단국대학교 공학대학 재료공학과;


The effect of reductants (Ti, Si, Al, Mn, Fe) addition into molten Borax has been studied on oxidation resistance and the growth of boronized layer formed during electro-boronizing on the substrate such as carbon steel and STS 430. Experiments have been carried out at the current density of 0.5 A/$cm^2$ and in temperature range of 600~$1000^{circ}C$ for 1~5 hours. The penetrated depth of the boron increased with addition of reductants (Ti, Si, Al) and decreased with addition of Mn and Fe. But excessive addition of reductants inhibited the boronizing due to an increase in viscosity of electrolyte. Oxidation resistance of the boronized carbon steel was improved but that of the boronized STS 430 decreased.