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Electrochemical Study of Functional Organic Monomolecular Film prepared by Langmuir-Blodgett Method

기능성 유기 LB단분자막의 전기화학적 연구


충북대학교 공업화학과;충북대학교 전기공학과;전북대학교 화학과;한양대학교 공업화학과;
충북대학교 공업화학과;충북대학교 전기공학과;전북대학교 화학과;한양대학교 공업화학과;


An amphiphilic nitroxide radical(2,2`6,6`-tetramethyl-4-octadecyioxy-1-piperidinyloxyl, TEMOPO) or mixture of TEMOPO and arachidic acid(Icosanoic acid, AA), was spread on water surface by the Langmuir-Blodgett(LB) method and surface pressure-area curve was measured. Such monolayer films of TEMOPO were transferred onto surfaces of photo transferable tin oxide electrodes(PTTO) by the LB method under various surface pressure with the transfer ratio of larger than 0.95 at the surface pressure higher than 15mN/m. The electrochemical effect of functional nitroxy radical monolayer onto semi-conductive electrode to electrolyte have been investigated by using LB method. Cyclic voltammetry technique was used for the electrochemical behavior measurement of TEMOPO monolayer onto the PTTO in 0.18 mo1/$dm^3$ $H_2SO_4$ solutions. The shape of voltammograms was found to change from one electrode to another. The amount of charge for the oxidation and the re-reduction of the cation to TEMOPO were evaluated from graphical integration. The amounts of charge were always smaller than those predicted from the $pi$-$sigma$ curves though the transfer ratio was unity. The poor reproducibility of the cyclic voltammograms was improved by the mixing with AA. Structure and arrangement of monomolecular layer on water surface and electrode were studied. Characteristics of monolayer film applied for the mediation reaction was also discussed by electrochemical method.