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한국표면공학회지 (27권4호 215-222)

A Study on Stress Corrosion of Al-8ti-1B Alloys by Mechanical Alloying

기계적 합금화한 Al-8Ti-1B 합금의 응력부식에 관한 연구


경희대 대학원;한양대 공대;경희대 공대 부설 재료과학기술연구소;
경희대 대학원;한양대 공대;경희대 공대 부설 재료과학기술연구소;


The role dispersoids has been studied in a number of researches as a key point for the high strength application of dispersion strengthened aluminum alloy. The mechanical alloying(MA) process with high mechanical properties of dispersion strengthened MA Al-8Ti-1B alloys were invested in order to evaluate their stress corrosion cracking(SCC) application. SCC properties of the mechanically alloyed Al-8Ti-1B were studied using slow strain rate test(SSRT). In this study Al-8Ti-1B alloy were more susceptible to SCC in solutions of pH=2.01 and 13.2 than pH=6.81 solution. In this study Al-8Ti-1B alloys by MA had more SCC resistance than Al-8Ti alloys or Al 7075-T73 alloys. So Al-8Ti-1B alloys by MA had more resistance in SSRT SCC susceptinility test than any other above alloying metals.