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HCD Ion Plating of Ti(C, N) Films for Cutting Tools

절삭공구용 Ti(C, N)피막의 HCD식 이온도금시 공정변수의 영향


아주대학교 재료공학과;
아주대학교 재료공학과;


Effects of process variables of HCD ion plating on the film composition of Ti(C, N) were analyzed. The mole ratio of carbon to nitrogen and that of non-metal to titanium in the film primarily depend on the partial pressure ratio of ($C-2H_2$/ $N_2$) and total reactive gas pressure, respectively. The amount of nonmetallic com-ponents increases in nonlinear fashion as the total gas pressure due to the different reactivity of $C-2H_2$ and $N_2$ gases with Ti. The nonmetallic components was saturated dwith nitrogen when the nitrogen gas was more than 60% of total reactive gas. These two process variables could be related systematically using the concept of effective pressure in which the difference of reactivity of each gas was normalized.