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Physico-Chemical Properties of Natural Zeolite -On the Zeolite from Kampo Area-

천연 제올라이트의 물리화학적 성질 -경북 감포산 제올라이트에 관하여-


서울시립대학교 공대 화학공학과;한양대학교 공대 공업화학과;서울시립대학교 문리대 생명과학과;
서울시립대학교 공대 화학공학과;한양대학교 공대 공업화학과;서울시립대학교 문리대 생명과학과;


The physico-chemical properties and characteristics after thermal treatment of natural zeolite from Kampo area were studied. The physico-chemical properties of natural zeolite were studied by investigating chemical composition, x-ray diffraction pattern(XRD), scanning electronic microscope(SEM), infrared spec-tra(IR), thermal analysis(TA), and cation exchange capacity(C.E.C.), and the characteristics of natural zeo-lite after thermal treatment from $400^{circ}C$ to $900^{circ}C$ were compared with the natural zeolite. This study showed that clinoptilolite was the predominant costituent in natural zeolite, and the natural zeolite contained a little amount of quartz and feldspar as impurities. Zeolite mineral was seen to develop slowly by the natural alternation of volcanic ash considering the almost amorphous crystal structure. The more temperature of ther-mal treatment increased, the more adsorption capacity decreased, considering the fact that the hydroxy peak diminished on infrared spectra, and that cation exchange capacity also decreased distinctly.