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한국표면공학회지 (26권6호 327-333)

Adhesion between Cu-18wt% Cr Alloy Film and Polyimide : Effect of Heat Treatment

Cu-18wt% Cr 합금박막과 폴리이미드사이의 접착력 : 열처리 영향


한양대학교 재료공학과;한국과학기술연구원;
한양대학교 재료공학과;한국과학기술연구원;


The effect of heat treatment on the adhesion between Cu-18wt% Cr film and polyimide has been studied by using T-peel test, AES, and XRD. Cu-18wt% Cr alloy and pure Cu films were sputter deposited onto pol-yimide. Cu was electroplated before and after heat treatment at $400^{circ}C$ for 0.5 hr and 2 hrs respectively. The adhesion of metal film onto polyimide was considerably good before heat treatment, but heat treatment re-duced the peel adhesion strength in all specimens. The reduction in adhesion in adhesion strength values in the specimens which were plated after heat treatment was mainly due to Cr-O rich pahse formed in the metal/polyimide in-terface. In the specimens which were heat treated after plating, the enhanced ductility in the metal films con-tributes the peel adhesion strength by increasing the amount of deformation in metal strips.