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한국표면공학회지 (26권4호 192-202)

Effect of Processing Conditions for Atmospheric Plasma Spraying on Characteristics of Ceramic Coatings

상압 플라즈마 용사의 공정조건에 따른 세라믹 피막의 특성


서울대학교 원자핵공학과;
서울대학교 원자핵공학과;


The characteristics of the high-performance ceramic coatings fabricated on the optimum processings con-ditions for the atmospheric plasma spraying are evaluated by various material tests and analyses. The opti-mum processing parameters for the plasma spraying are determined by using the two-level orthogonal arrays of fractional factorial testing method as a statistical approach. Material tests for the coating specimens are carried out to evaluate microstructure, hardness, adhesion strength, and deposition efficiency. The properties of Al2O3-13%TiO2 coating are discussed with regard to the effective processings parameters. The decarburization effects of WC-12%Co coating is examined by XRD analysis in terms of the arc power and the secondary gas species. The hardness of Al2O2-13%TiO2 coating is increased with the arc power and shows the maximum value at around 40 lpm of Ar gas flowrate, which appears to be the most critical parame-ter on the deposition efficiency. For reducing the decarburization of WC-12%Co coating, the injection of inert He gas instead of reactive H2 gas as a secondary gas is more effective than the dropping of arc power to lessen the plasma enthalpy.