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한국표면공학회지 (26권2호 55-62)

Corrosion Behavior of TiN Ion Plated Steel Plate(III)-Effects of Ni and Ti interlayer thickness-

TiN 이온 플레이팅한 강판의 내식성에 관한 연구(III)-Ni 및 Ti 하지코팅두께의 영향-


성균관대학굔 금속공학과;수원전문대학 용접공업과;
성균관대학굔 금속공학과;수원전문대학 용접공업과;


The effect of interlayer coating thickness of Ni and Ti on corrosion behavior was studied for TiN ion plat-ed steel plate. Interlayer coating was carried out in a single and bi-layer to a various thickness combination prior to final TiN coating. Corrosion behavior was evaluated by anodic polarization test in 1N H2SO4 as well as salt spray test. Ni interlayer coating was effectived in reducing corrosion current density of active region and Ti interlayer coating over Ni coating reduced the anodic corrosion current density by an order of 4 with increasing the thickness of Ti up to$ 3mu extrm{m}$. The improvement of corrosion resistance by Ni/Ti interlayer coating was attributed to the effective prevention of penetration of active corrosion agent resulting from the inherent corrosion resistance of Ni and Ti. Putting corrosion behavior was observed from salt spray test result for all specimens and corrosion resistance at salt atmosphere was enhanced with increasing Ni and Ti thickness, Cor-lay TiN coating was spalled out by the generation of corrosion products.