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A Study on the Adhesion of Zinc thin Film Deposited by Thermal Evaporation

열증착에 의한 아연박막 밀착성에 관한 연구


부산대학교 금속공학과;
부산대학교 금속공학과;


The relationship between the amount of deposited-Zn and the adhesion of Zn film has beend investigated. This study changed the mild steel substrate temperature range of $100^{circ}C$~$250^{circ}C$, with the aim of studying the adhesion of Zn film coated by PVD on substrates in 10-2~10-3torr and deoxidant gas atmospheres 50%H2~50%N2 and 75%H2+25%N2. The result revealed that the adhesion of Zn film was remarkably good in a 75% H2+25%N2 gas atmosphere as well as deoxidant time was short, and with increasing the substrate tempera-ture up to $250^{circ}C$. Whiled the amount of deposition tended to increase linearly with time at constant evaporation temperature. It was almost constant when the substrate temperature was lower than $200^{circ}C$, slightly decreased between $200^{circ}C$ and $250^{circ}C$ and significantly decreased at $300^{circ}C$.