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한국표면공학회지 (25권6호 287-292)

On the silicon nitride film formation and characteristic study by chemical vapor deposition method using electron cyclotron resonance plasma

전자 싸이클로트론 공명 플라즈마 화학 증착법에 의한 실리콘 질화막 형성 및 특성 연구


한국과학기술원 물리학과;
한국과학기술원 물리학과;


Silicon nitride thin film (SiNx) was deposited onto the 3inch silicon wafer using an electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) plasma apparatus. The thin films which were deposited by changing the SiH4N2 gas flow rate ratio at 1.5mTorr without substrate heating were analyzed through the x-ray photo spectroscopy (XPS) and ellipsometer measurements, etc. Silicon nitride thin films prepared by the electron cyclotron resonance plasma chemical vapor deposition method at low substrate temperature (<10$0^{circ}C$) exhibited excellent physical and electrical properties. The very uniform and good quality silicon nitride thin films were obtained. The characteristics of electron cyclotron resonance plasma were inferred from the analyzed results of the deposited films.