Korean Institute of Surface Engineering

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A Study of Structure & Composition Characteristics of the(Ti, Al) N Coating on the STS 304 by D.C. Magnetron Sputtering

D.C. Magnetron Sputter를 이용한 (Ti, Al) N 피막의 조성 및 조직특성연구


부산대학교 공과대학원 금속공학과;
부산대학교 공과대학원 금속공학과;


(Ti, Al)N films were deposited on 304 stainless steel by D.C. magnetron sputtering using Al target and Ti plate. The properties of (Ti, Al)N films such as composition, microhardness, grain size, crystal structure were investigated. The chemical composition of (Ti, Al)N films was similar to the sputter area ratio of titanium to aluminum target by means of EDS and AES survey. The higher bias voltage to substrate and the smaller input of N2 gas showedthe increased microhardness and the finer grain size of the films. The results obtained from this study show, it is belived, that the (Ti, Al)N film by D.C.magne-tron sputtering is promising in the wear resistance use.