Korean Institute of Surface Engineering

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한국표면공학회지 (25권4호 189-206)

Selective Contact Hole Filling by electroless Ni Plating

무전해 Ni 도금에 의한 선택적 CONTACT HOLE 충전


한양대학교 공과대학 금속공학과;
한양대학교 공과대학 금속공학과;


The effect of activation and electroless nickel plating conditions on contact properties was investi-gated for selective electroless nickel plating of Si wafers in order to obtain an optimum condition of con-tact hole filling. According to RCA prosess, p-type silicon (100) surface was cleaned out and activated. The effects of temperature, DMAB concentration, time, and strirring were investigated for activation of p-type Si(100) surface. The optimal activation condition was 0.2M HF, 1mM PdCl2, 2mM EDTA,$ 70^{circ}C$, and 90sec under ultrasonic vibration. In electroless nickel plating, the effect of temperature, DMAB concentra-tion, pH, and plating time were studied. The optimal plating condition found was 0.10M NiSO4.H2O, 0.11M Citrate, pH 6.8, $60^{circ}C$, 30minutes. The contact resistance of films was comparatively low. It took 30minutes to obtain 1$mu extrm{m}$ thick film with 8mM DMAB concentration. The film surface roughness was improved with decreasing temperature and decreasing pH of the plating solution. The best quality of the film was obtained at the condition of temperature $60^{circ}C$ and pH 6.0. The micro-vickers hardness of film was about 800Hv. Plating rate of nickel on the hole pattern was slower than that of nickel on the line pattern.