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한국표면공학회지 (25권3호 126-132)

Fabrication of TaOx Thin Film on Si-Substrate by Photo-CVD Method

광화학기상성장법에 의한 Si 기판상에서의 TaO$_{x}$ 박막 제작에 관한 연구


한국과학기술원 물리학과;부산수산대학교 물리학과;
한국과학기술원 물리학과;부산수산대학교 물리학과;


Recent VLSI requires materials with high dielectric constant in order to reduce their storage capacitor areas. Thin TaOx film was formed from Ta(OCH3)5 by photo-CVD method at a low temperature. The result shows that the film obtained by photo-CVD method is this study has good step coverage, high dielectric constant (20-25) and low leakage current. The high strong peaks from Ta(4f), Ta(4d), and O(ls) levels were observed by XPS analysis. From the diffraction pattern and TEM prcture analysis, the TaOx thin film was observed to be amorphous. This kind of the deposition method could be considered to be a very promising method applied to VLSI.