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Properties of Cr-N Films Prepared by the Arc-induced Ion Plating

아아크방전 유도형 이온플레이팅에 의한 Cr-N 피막의 특성


산업과학기술연구소 기초과학연구분야;
산업과학기술연구소 기초과학연구분야;


Cr-N films were deposited on low-carbon steel sheets by the reactive arc-induced ion plating (AIIP). The influence of the deposition conditions (nitrogen pressure and substrate bias voltage) on the crystal orientation, morphology and microhardness of the Cr-N films has been investigated using x-ray diffractometer and scanning electron microscope. The impurities and contaminations on the surface and at the interface, and the layer-by-layer compositions of the film have been analyzed using scanning Auger multiprobe (SAM) and glow discharge spectroscope (GDS). The mixed state of Cr and Cr₂N turned out to have a fine fibrous structure. The Cr₂N films were deposited at a wide range of nitrogen flow rates. The orientations of Cr₂N films were mainly (110) and (111), and the intensity of the (111) peak increased as the substrate bias voltage increased. The microstructure of the Cr₂N film was dense and no columnar structure was observed. The films in the mixed state of Cr₂N and CrN were also dense without columnar structure. The maximum microhardness of the Cr-N films was 2400 kg/㎟ at 10 gf load.


Cr-N films;Reactive ion plating;ionization efficiency;Crystalstructure;Morphology;Orientation;Hardness;