Korean Institute of Surface Engineering

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한국표면공학회지 (25권1호 8-15)

Effects of Composition of Substrate on Transverse Rupture Strength and Bonding Strength of Cemented Carbide Coated with Titanium Carbide by CVD Process

화학증착(CVD)법에 의한 TiC 증착 시 모재가 피복 초경합금의 항절력 및 접착력에 미치는 영향


연세대학교 공과대학 금속공학과;대한중석(주) 중앙연구소;
연세대학교 공과대학 금속공학과;대한중석(주) 중앙연구소;


To investigate the effects of substrate on transverse-rupture strength(TRS) and bonding strength between substrate and TiC layer coated by CVD, two kinds of substrate (substrate A: WC-9.5wt% Co-MC*[low C], substrate B: WC -6wt% Co-MC*[high C]) were studied in terms of Cobalt and C contents respectively. For preparation of test samples the coating parameters of deposition time, deposition temperature and deposition pressure were varied. The results show that the carbon contents in substrates have greater effects on the TRS of the CVD TiC coated cemented carbide than Co contents in substrates. *MC:TiC+TaC