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Ion Implantation Using Plasma Sheath

플라즈마 쉬스 (Sheath)를 이용한 이온 주입법


포항공과대학 물리학과 산업과학기술연구소 물리연구소;
포항공과대학 물리학과 산업과학기술연구소 물리연구소;


Ion implantation is a well established superior superior surface modification technique for the improvement of wear resistance, hardenece, hardness, corrosion resistance, biocompaibity, surface friction, as well as for the modification of surface electric conductance. Conventional ion implantaion is a line-of-sight process witch ues the ion beam accelerator techniques. Plasma sheath ion implantation (PSII), as a new technique, is described in this paper. In PSII high voltage pulse is applied to a target material placed directly in a plasma, forming a think ion-matrix sheath around the target. Ions accelerate through the sheath drop and bombard the traget from all sides simultaneosuslyregardless of the target shape. This paper describes the principle of PSII, which has non-line-of sight characteristics, as well as the experimental appratus.