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한국표면공학회지 (20권4호 135-143)

Influences of Complexing Agents on the Formation of the Perpendicular Magnetic Film by the Electroless Plating

무전해 도금에 의한 수직자기 박막제조시의 착화제의 영향

Kim, Yeong-U;Park, Jeong-Il;Park, Gwang-Ja;Kim, Jo-Ung;Ham, Yong-Muk;Lee, Ju-Seong;

한양대학교 공과대학 공업화학과;국립공업시험원 무기화학과;
Dept. of Industrial Chemistry, Hanyng University;Inorganic Chemistry Division, National Industrial Research Institute;


Various complexing agents were investigated to see the effects on the normal orientation of HCP structure of Co-alloy to the film plane in ammoniacal electroless plating bath. To obtain the optimum condition, several complexing agents were investigated to compare the C-axis perpendicular orientation. Results were that succinate - citrate, malonate - succinate, malonate bath were useful for that purpose. Among these complexing agents, succinate - citrate system was obtained as the best one. X-ray diffraction patterns were used to compare the film properties with C-axis perpendicular orientation.