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한국표면공학회지 (19권3호 83-91)

Composite Coating of Nickel-Boron Nitride-Phosphours and Nickel-Boron Nitride-Boron Ternary System on Aluminum

알루미늄에 니켈-질화붕소-인과 니켈-질화붕소-붕소의 3원계 복합도금

Kuak Woo-Sup;Yoon, Byung-Ha;Kim, Dai-Ryong;

경북대학교 공과대학;
Department of Metallurigical Engineering Kyung Pook National University;


Codeposited of boron nitride(BN) particle dispersed into electroless nickel-phosphours (Ni-P) and nickel-boron(Ni-B) platings were studied for the purpose of developing the wear resistance and lubricity. BN can be codeposited from electroless nickel plating bath with $NaH_2PO_2$ and $NaBH_4$ as the reducing agents. Most dispersolids were distributed uniformly in the Ni-P and Ni-B matrix. Abrasion loss decreased with increasing amount of codeposits and reached a constant value 2.4 percent by volume percent of BN particle. The wear resistance and the friction coefficient of the heat treated BN composite coatings were improved about three times than that of as-coatings. The BN composite coatings were more wear resistance than hard chromium. Ni-B-BN composite coatings showed lower wear resistance and friction coefficient than Ni-P-BN. The BN content of the deposite was found to be 2.4 v/o for these optium conditions.