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한국표면공학회지 (17권2호 41-58)

Microstructure of Zinc electrodeposit in Cyanide Solution

시안화아연욕을 사랑한 아연 전착층의 조직특성

Ye G.C;Cho E.H.;

영남대학교 금속과;포항종합제철;
영남대학교 금속과;포항종합제철;


Zinc was electrodeposited from cyanide solutions at temperature from 20$^{circ}C;to;40^{circ}C$ in the range of current density from 0.5 to 8A/$dm^2$. The preferred orientation changed from (10.3)+(11.0) to (11.0) texture with increasing cathode overpotential in the additive free solution, while the (11.0) preferred orientation developed at lower overpotentials (800-1270 mV) and the (11.0)+(10.0) preferred orientation was formed at higher overpotential (1300-1400mV) in the solution with brightner. Mossy type of morphology developed mostly in the additive free deposits and the microstructure of the cross section of the above deposits changed from columar structure to granular structure with increasing overpotential. The surface appearance of the deposits with additive having (11.0) texture was the smooth deposit of very small crystallite, while that of the deposits having (11.0)+(10.0) texture was fine crystalline deposit. The microstructure of the cross section of them was the fine field oriented type of structure.