Korean Institute of Surface Engineering

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한국표면공학회지 (52권5호 265-274)

Effect of Na3PO4 Concentration on The Formation Behavior of PEO films on AZ31 Mg Alloy

AZ31 Mg합금의 PEO피막 형성거동에 미치는 인산나트륨 농도의 영향

Moon, Sungmo;Kim, Juseok;

재료연구소 표면기술연구본부;
Surface Technology Division, Korea Institute of Materials Science;

DOI : 10.5695/JKISE.2019.52.5.265


Formation behavior of PEO (Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation) films on AZ31 Mg alloy was investigated under application of 310 Hz AC as a function of $Na_3PO_4$ concentration from 0.02 M to 0.2 M. Film formation voltage and in-situ observation of arcs generated on the specimen surface were recorded with time, and surface morphologies of the PEO films were investigated using optical microscopy, confocal scanning laser microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. PEO film formation voltage decreased linearly with increasing $Na_3PO_4$ concentration which is attributed to the increase of solution pH. PEO films were grown uniformly over the entire surface in $Na_3PO_4$ solutions between 0.05 M and 0.1 M. However, non-uniform PEO films with white spots were formed in $Na_3PO_4$ solutions containing more than 0.1 M. Thickness and roughness of PEO films on AZ31 Mg alloy increased linearly with increasing $Na_3PO_4$ concentration and their increasing rates appeared to be much higher under 1 M than above 1 M. The experimental results suggest that phosphate ions can contribute to the formation of PEO films but higher $Na_3PO_4$ concentration more than 1 M results in local damages of PEO films due to repeated generation of white arcs at the same surface site of AZ31 Mg alloy.


$Na_3PO_4$ Concentration;PEO film;AZ31 Mg Alloy;Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation;Anodic oxide;