Korean Institute of Surface Engineering

pISSN : 1225-8024 | eISSN : 3399-8403


한국표면공학회지 (52권2호 58-61)

Study on Improvement of Heat Dissipation Characteristics of TIM Material Using Radiant Energy

복사에너지를 이용한 TIM소재의 방열 특성 향상을 위한 연구

Hwang, Myungwon;Kim, Dohyung;Jung, Uoo-Chang;Chung, Wonsub;

부산대학교 재료공학과;한국생산기술연구소 동남지역본부;
Departments of Materials Science and Engineering, Pusan National University;Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Dongnam Regional Division;

DOI : 10.5695/JKISE.2019.52.2.58


The aim of this study is to quantitatively demonstrate the possibility of heat transfer by thermal radiation by comparing heat transfer by conventional heat transfer and radiation by radiation. 1) The heat transfer was measured by using filler of TIM material with low thermal conductivity (CuS). As a result, heat transfer was easier than ceramic with high thermal conductivity ($Al_2O_3$ and $Si_3N_4$). 2) The reason for this is thought to be that the infrared wave due to radiation of the air diaphragm has moved easily. 3) From the above results, the heat dissipation of the TIM material indicates the possibility of heat transfer by thermal radiation.


Thermal Interface Material (TIM);Thermal resistance;Thermal bypass;Emissivity;Thermal conductivity;