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한국표면공학회지 (52권2호 53-57)

Performance of BDD Electrodes Prepared on Various Substrates for Wastewater Treatment

다양한 기판에 형성된 BDD 전극의 폐수처리 특성

Kwon, Jong-Ik;You, Mi-Young;Kim, Seo-Han;Song, Pung-Keun;

부산대학교 재료공학부;부산대학교 재료공학과;
School of Materials Science and Engineering, Pusan National University;Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Pusan National University;

DOI : 10.5695/JKISE.2019.52.2.53


Stability and activity of boron doped diamond (BDD) electrode are key factors for water treatment. In this study, BDD electrodes were prepared on various substrates such as Nb, Si, Ti, and $TiN_x/Ti$ by hot filament chemical vapor deposition (HFCVD) method. BDD/Ti film showed the delamination between BDD and Ti substrate due to the formation of TiC layer caused by diffusion of carbon. On the other hand, $BDD/TiN_x/Ti$ showed remarkably improved stability, compared to BDD/Ti. It was confirmed that $TiN_x$ intermediate layer act as barrier layer for diffusion of carbon. High potential window of 2.8 eV was maintained on the $BDD/TiN_x/Ti$ electrode and, better wastewater treatment capability and longer electrode working life than BDD/Nb, BDD/Si and BDD/Ti were obtained.


Boron-doped diamond;$TiN_x$ interlayer;HF-CVD;Wastewater treatment;Potential window;