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A Study on the manufacturing of porous membrane by the aluminum anodizing

알루미늄 양극산호를 이용한 다공성 견막 제조에 관한 연구

Yoon, Jae-Hwan;Kang, Tak;

서울대학교 대학원 금속공학과;서울대학교 공과대학;
College of Engineering, Seoul National Unioersity;


When anodizing the Al in the acid electrolyte, it is well known that the parallel pores grow continuously perpendicular to the surface. This fact can be used for the manufacturing of the porous membrane, if thc pores pass through the anodized foil. Anodizing both surfaces of the Al-foil spontaneously in 20$^{circ}C$, 2% oxalic acid under tile potentiostatic condition, it is found that the harrier layer remaining in the midst of the foil finally disappears and thc pores pass through the foil. And examined the porous structure change when the voltage is changed during the anodizing treatment. From the result, it is revealed that the new pores and cell grow, adjusting themselves to the final voltage. The characteristic of the porous membrane is greatly dependent upon the diameter of the pore and the cell. So studied the relationship between the voltage and the diameter of the pore and the cell quantitatively with the aid of field-assisted dissolution concept. And derived the following two equation, Pi = 8.32Vi, Ci = 26.80Vi. These equations are in good accord with the experimental data above 30V, but do not accord nuder 30V.