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한국표면공학회지 (13권4호 211-220)

Effect of Plating Conditions on Internal Stress of Nickel Electrodeposits

電析니켈에 있어서 電着條件이 內部應力에 미치는 影響

Koh, Suck-Soo;

金烏工科大學 技械工學部;
金烏工科大學 技械工學部;


Internal stress of electrodeposited metals affect physical and mechanical characteristics of deposits. Internal stress of nickel deposits was reviewed intensively. Important outcomes are as follows. Substrate have an important effect on internal stress of electrodeposit. Origin of its internal stress could be explained mismatch of crystal lattice and coalescence of crystallites. When surface cleaning is not satisfying, instantaneous stress is low but the electrodeposited layer being thickened increasingly stress become to high and peeling phenomenon occurs. Effect of current density and temperature on internal stress is variable. Internal stress increases rapidly at pH 5 and above because of codepositing colloidal materials caused hydrolysis. Concentrations of nickel ion and $H_3BO_3$ ion affect little on internal stress and solution which contains impurities tend to increase stress. Especially impurities of $H_2O_2$ and iron ion have a great effect on internal stress. Additives are divided in two kind. One is increasing tensile stress another is increasing compressive stress. Concentrations of additives have a great effect on internal stress.